Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marie in the Garden

At long last, here is a song for spring! The song is called "Marie in the Garden" and it accompanies a simple game. A Waldorf kindergarten teacher taught it to me several years ago after I gave her one of my early creations. In the game, all the children close their eyes while the leader sings,

Marie in the garden,
The garden, Marie.
She is as tiny as she can be.
Marie in the garden,
The garden, Marie.
Open your eyes and where is she?

In the meantime, the teacher has hidden the doll in a pocket or somewhere nearby. The children have to guess where the little doll is.

I made a Marie in the Garden doll for my shop, and asked my daughter to sing the song for your use. Here is the song on video:


Angelina Lloyd said...

BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with me.
To see my studio blog:
For some artistic inspiration.

Angelina said...

Do you have any fun fall songs to share? I hope you are well. I do love this blog!

Saints and Spinners said...

Thank you, Angelina! I hope you are well, too. I just posted an autumn song for you.