Saturday, December 12, 2009

We Are Three Wandering Travelers

"We Are Three Wandering Travelers" is a circle game song that my daughter really enjoyed in her kindergarten class last winter. The group forms a circle. Three children “travel” outside of the circle, walking around it as everyone sings:

We are three wandering travelers
Out in the wind and the rain
We saw your light, shining so bright,
Tapped on your window pane, saying,
“Let us come in, let us come in,
Into your house we pray.
Let us come in, let us come in,
Please do not turn us away.”

Children in the circle respond with an emphatic, "No!"

The song is sung two more times. The second time, the circle responds with "No!" but on the third time, they respond with “Yes!”

The three children enter the circle. Everyone sings:

You may come in, you may come in,
Into our house today.*
You may come in, you may come in,
We will not turn you away.

Here is the tune, which, when my daughter heard it, said, "You're singing too low!" I can hear the beginnings of a cold lurking in my voice, which probably had something to do with the low pitch.

*I sang "we pray" instead of "today."


BookChook said...

How delightful! Thank you so much for making this delightful video and sharing the song in this way. I am off to post about it, so my readers can learn it too!

Angelina Lloyd said...

Oh another wonderful song!!!! Bodhi and I are singing it still. Thank you so much. I think this blog is really a unique and enchanting gift. I feel so much gratitude for all your sharing.
Happy holidays.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Thanks for sharing! Wonderful.

beachrose said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

Lori W. said...

So glad you shared the song and the tune. I'm going to send this link to a favorite teacher.

Anonymous said...

thanks, I'm looking for songs to sing in my class.