Monday, November 3, 2008

My Lantern! My Lantern! A Lantern Walk Song

I had recorded my daughter's kindergarten teacher singing this song with my daughter and one of her first grade friends. However, when I listened to the recording at home, I discovered an excess of background noise that would have made listening to the song quite painful. Fortunately, my daughter not only remembers most of the songs but has good pitch. If you ever need to find out the words to a particular Waldorf kindergarten, preschool or toddler song, feel free to ask her to sing it to you on the playground. Chances are, she knows how it goes. Here is the song "My Lantern! My Lantern!"

Here are the words:

My lantern! My lantern!
Sun and moon and stars
Put out all your lights
Put out all your lights
That my lantern can truly shine bright.

I wrote a post about Martinmas last year, which you will find here.

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